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Monday, December 05, 2011

Hyde 'N Seek

The Hyde is a really cool way to fish...mostly because you can bring bologna sandwiches and lots of beer.

I don't know what it is about Michigan ...but I do love it there.

I am in!

It is just the peaceful surroundings and the whole vibe that I dig. I don't have to be talked into the trips anymore...I get it... I really do...

...Even though the fish hate me.

I will take my lumps because every once in a while the fish gods throw me a bone.

This past weekend Brian and I spent three solid days on the water. We may have hit 10 fish total not counting the beautiful little browns that are ever present.

I love those little fish and I try really hard not to make them anticlimactic.

10 Steelhead is very good even though it pales when compared to the home water.

This place is different though and it is a great disservice to bring those kinds of expectations with you.

I get it....

So we hit the water on Friday morning. A very cold ..low water ...crystal clear morning...
On a river system that has humbled me more than once.

I was excited but not exactly brimming with confidence.

Today was the first day fishing out of Brians Hyde Drift Boat and it is the shit!!!

I even took a crack at rowing the thing...

That didn't last long as captain Ahab has very specific ideas about boat position and rowing technique...that coupled with a healthy dose of OCD and my general fucking uselessness ...well I thought Morin was going to have a psychotic break.

Very scary...I woke up screaming last night.

On day two I watched him fight a giant dbl stripe fish and row the boat at the same time....cocksucker should join the circus.
That fish came out of the water at least 9 times...huge jumps!!!
These are special fish indeed.

At least I didn't mess up the net job!



I broke my first fish off with a mainline snap and just about lost it.
It was a big fish and you don't get many chances on that river to screw up.

After a philosophical moment and a retie I am back in.

Float drops and I am into a giant....I just couldn't do anything with this fish.

After a short assessment we decided to lift anchor and row after this thing and am I ever glad...

There would've been no horsing this fish back upstream.
Biggest Steelhead of my life.
32 inches and at least 14 lbs..

Ultra thick and man what a fight.

I was just shaking when it was done....

The rest of the weekend was bonus with another daysaving Buck for me on day two and as usual Morin caught some real beauties.

I will never forget this trip or that crazy hog of a fish.

Glad you were there for this one Brian.



lambton said...

LOL! ya what a trip and what a friggin beast you boated. So happy for you man! I'm really glad you get it now. I knew you would. I know it's hard to get away from everyday life but I think it makes it all that much better when you return home when one can experience what they truly love in beautiful places. It really is God's country. The fishery over there is special and we are only touching the surface. I'm glad I could share it with you and more glad you seized the opportunity. Can't wait until the next time. Hopefully soon. We do have to push our luck on the mighty Muskegon at some time... I already have it laid out. ;0) lol!

T. Brook Smith said...

Good lord. Are those fish or battleships??