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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Am Become Death....

In the interest of keeping this BLOG active , of 'Quid pro Quo', and more importantly so, of keeping myself honest, I have decided to update this joint with my lastest piscatorial pursuits.

The 'Pickeral' have suffered tremendous losses.....and I am going to fishy hell.

Today Gerry and I hit the water again to pursue a fish with which I have a love hate relationship. Fishing for Pickeral makes me insane. I love having them and I refuse to buy them for supper when catching them is so incredibly easy that it makes me feel uncomfortable to do so. I could handicap myself and fish artificial but that would just prolong my outing on the water.....and all it would take is one experience of the "Pickeral Drift" here in Sarnia to make you understand why that is the last thing any sane fisherman would want to do.

Each morning we keep heading out earlier and earlier in the hopes of beating the hillbillies ...but this has proven to be impossible. It is hard to miss the 'Armada' of drifting boats....all inches from one another....plumbing the depths with their 800 lb test tackle and 2 lb lead sinkers. Oh my god people make me tired.

I am 'White Trash'.

I am out morning after morning ...with the throng...waiting to feel the inevitable Walleye 'tug-tug-tug'.... the only conciliation of my descent into 'fishing shame' being the knowledge that fresh Walleye coated in Rocky Madsens Cajun fish-crisp chased with a ice cold Grolsch is one of the greatest things that the summer has to offer.

Oh well...so be it....

I will continue to gear up with my pencil lead and worm harness....the fishing tackle equivalent of the 'Velvet Elvis'....and take it strong at the percinids.

The current humidity has me cowering in my basement like an animal....

What the hell else is there to do?

Did I just catch myself complaining about going fishing?
Someone kick me in the ass immediately.
Bottom line is fishing with my father in law is one of the greatest things in my life .....and if nothing else, the boat ride is always fun.

Back in to work tomorrow.....

The Pickeral can rest easy til after the Holiday.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Computer bites the dust....

It could be that the hamster that ran my precambrian computer finally bit the dust…who knows?..but one day I came downstairs and the poor old girl would’nt even fire up.
Mixed feelings….
I had been through a lot with that computer….mostly porn……but even though dough is a little tight right now I secretly welcomed the thought of a new computer!
The bullet has been bit and I am currently sitting in front of my new 20” flat screen monitor typing away at the latest installment of Blog-nerdom.
I will finally be able to read JFL’s posts without the use of a microscope.
I missed the e-world…..but I am back.

If any of you knuckleheads that read this tripe can spare a moment maybe you could send me an email as all of my addresses are history.


I have been out….quite a bit in fact….but it has all been shameless butchery that I am far too up-ity to admit to here.
The poor “Pickerel” never even saw it coming.
I can’t get over the amount of these hideous fish in this area……the river must just be carpeted with them.
I can’t say that I enjoy fishing for them. I would rather spray lemon juice in my eye then spend a morning fishing for them but my family and most of my friends beg me for them this time of year.
"When is the next fish fry?" is a common question.

Popular opinion is that I am one helluva guy…..unless you are a pickerel.

Good to be back….What did I miss?

P.S...I have finally fallen and become a "Facebooking victim".
Shoot me now.