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Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am now hopefully sterile....
It wasn't the worst thing that I have had to endure but it was far from pleasant.
Here I am on my third day and I am left with just a wee achy feeling.....
Not quite ready to go horseback riding but getting a tad stir crazy for sure.
My Tiger Woods golf game is right off the chart.
I just finished shooting a 49 at Sawgrass....I can't be stopped.
Thursday I was bed ridden which sucked ass except for the March Madness tournament that took me by surprise. It has been one of the few things that have kept me sane over the past few days.
I used to love The Big Dance....
I was a basketball junky...the only sport that I really loved.
I was never an athlete but I could shoot the fucking lights out!!!
I was always impressed with the pure shooters in the game as opposed to freak of nature dunking Cretans.
Lying in bed with my feet propped up watching March Madness I got to thinking of some of the best shooters...besides myself :0) ...that have ever played the game.
Allan Houston
Reggie Miller
Drazen Petrovic
Larry Bird
....But considering college only I would say that the greatest shooter that I'd ever seen was Shawn Respert from MSU.

I used to LOVE watching that guy do his thing.
That dude had range the minute he got off the bus.
I never did understand why he never amounted to much in the pro game...he was a man among boys in the college ranks...??
..So I hobbled downstairs and Googled it.
Shawn Respert
Poor bastard ended up with stomach cancer in his rookie year. He tried to keep it a secret for years.
Very sad.
Sounds like he landed on his feet though.He is currently working for the Houston Rockets in some capacity.
And here I am with just some sore stones.
I am looking forward to some fishing in the near future.
There is nothing like a freshly shorn scrotum....quite breathtaking....

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Dare I Say It?

It looks and feels like we are on the hill now..
Today it supposed to get up to 7 degrees and I can almost feel the season changing right out from under me.
This last blast of winter has really knocked the wind out of my sails and I can't wait for some spring weather.
Morin has secured the spring camp on the Manistee and even though we'll have to do some scrambling for roe I am looking forward to it like a starving man looking for crumbs.
I have a fair amount of time off this spring between the Spring trip and my upcoming....ah hem....procedure ...
I have finally booked my snip job.

Although considering that they do it with lazers now I don't know if "snip" is the right term for it.
Maybe Han Solo will come in and give me a blaster in the nuts from across the room...either way they better get it right.....I love all these kids but WE ARE DONE....and I wouldn't want any other surprises.
The nurse at the consult has a great sense of humour.
Kimi had to work that day so I brought Avery....who was still sleeping from the ride into town....in with me.
She was draped over my shoulder sawing logs when I walked into the office.
The nurse looked me up and down and said "Well this is ironic isn't it?"
...she has no idea...

Ah,... I can't imagine my life without that little monkey now and we have been having a ton of fun these past few months.
To be honest I have enjoyed the downtime aside from the usual shack nasty - stir craziness that settles in right around the end of February.

Work has been fun lately as well.....It is still work but occasionally things happen that are encouraging and that I can be proud of.
I could be digging ditches for a living.
I crave fishing ...
There is talk of the Perch Fest and a return to Downrigging with my buddy Jason this year and I am cautiously optimistic...the real trick is finding the time and he is a busy MFer.
At the very least I have a good chunk of time off for the Salmon Derby and Opening Day...I am not sure if I will fish the opener but I am sure it wouldn't be too hard to talk myself into it.

Last year was fun.
I have even been thinking about the Pickeral Drift with an aching heart...lol
Absense makes the heart grow fonder and all that jazz...you never remember the bad shit..
Maybe that is as it should be