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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Return of the Kings!!


May be not exactly...

However the fish are bigger and better than last year and there are more of them.

This is good news for the open water shitrat armada.

We can break out the Monkey Pukes and Kevorkians and get busy with the Chinooks in the spring.

For a while there the fishery was looking very dismal.

A salmon in double digits was a thing of the past and the sound screaming line was a distant memory.

The derby is in full swing and we just finished the third day on the water.

The wind kept us on the beach for one and for another day I had to work (ugh) but the three days that we did fish we have been hitting fish consistantly...and it has been a blast!!!

I had fogotten how much fun and how relaxing trolling for salmon can be.

Although we have yet to tag anything really big I know we are in the right area and we have as good a chance as any.

Tomorrow we'll be at again.
One bit of bad news is that we have been seeing alot of these things lately.

One of the Kings we got had so many on him that he looked like an octopus.
Call me Ishmael<><.