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Monday, March 24, 2008

Return to action..

I am a sucker.
After being taunted by my numb-nutted friend I finally agreed to go fishing.
Normally I would jump at the chance to fish but this year so far has been different.

I have been reluctant to fish this year.....in truth I have been in a bit of a funk towards everything since returning from my training in Chilliwack.

That trip was like a giant kick in the stones and I am still trying to find my wind.
This never-ending winter isn't helping either.
On top of the emotional and professional strain I seem to have contracted a severe case of tennis elbow in my right arm. Some days it is so bad that I can barely make a fist.
Not good for 50 ft casts , bone jarring hook sets, or prolonged fish battles.

What the hell.
I can't let Brian have all the fun.
Last week I tagged along with Brian and Harv to Michigans west side.

I love it over there ....even though I have yet to experience a break out day.

We caught a fair amount of fish.......a lot of little fish...I caught one true MI Steelhead which I didn't capture on film. In a fit of stupidity I left my camera at home.....as well as my ID....

In Brians typical shutter-bug fashion he took all kinds of pictures of everything from Fish to very small rocks....the guy is mental...

Something has happened over the past few years in regards to my fishing proclivities..
The second day we all slept in......like past daybreak slept in.....
Normally this would fill me with such shame that I could barely look in the mirror...

I used to obsess about first water!
I am not a big fan of forcing it in any aspect of my life and I must confess that I just don't give a shit anymore...at least not in the same way.

We had one of the greatest trips in my memory.

Good food....laughs...fresh air...and enough fish to make us all feel like we weren't assholes for even being there. I even managed to come home rested???

Morin caught a fish that was huge for anywhere.
It bossed him around like the school girl that he is but the horseshoe up his pooper once again prevailed and he got his grip and grin that he can masterbate to later on.
It was one helluva fish.
....we kept coming back to it as we waiting for 9 hrs in the traffic jam on the way home.
Most of the tale is told better at www.numbnuts.com anyway but I did have a great time.

First time fishing with Harv. He turned out to be a decent guy and he should fit right in considering that none of us are smarter than a 5ith grader.
Heres to a new elbow and parental leave.
BTW... I have been also very busy over here making sweet ,sweet elevator music.