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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shutting down 2011

The last trip of the year should always be special.
..At least appreciated for what it is.
I almost didn't go this morning. The holidays have taken the usual toll and I am tired. A day home with the family and the guitar would've been nice.
My previous trip to the river was exceptional and the last fish from that trip was outstanding.
...I could've ended nicely on that note. ...But I didn't.
I kind of forced myself today. It was certain to be my last opportunity of the year and I knew it would've become a regret if I'd stayed home.
There break between Fall Fishing is a long one. I fished today for those days in early August..LOL. So up I go...
The plan was to hike in at the hydro wires and fish the 'Cedars' and the 'Swamp' at dawn.
I got to the access point at around 7ish...and so did everyone else .... WTF UGH...tons of people...tons...
So... I regroup and head up to the 'Dump'... SAME FUCK!
I just about drove home...droves of people So I double back to Chapmans and decide to start at the 'Newrun' and fish backwards...as in downstream to the 'Peach bag run' I didn't expect much...
I was wrong!!!!! I hadn't been over these little sections for quite some time and it was a treat for me not without a certain nostalgic value.
There is one section we used to call '"My" Clay Bank' and it really fished well....Too well.... I got schooled there more than once today. Big fish that were in October mode. Fun but really did a number on my healing shoulder injury. Oh well...the day was salvaged, I was alone and it was beautiful. On the way out I stopped to look around and realized what a cool place I was in. The freezing rain sounded like frying bacon on the leaves... Time to shut er down.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Left Foot...

Well My patch job didn't work....
Last night I tried a desperate epoxy/Tuck tape fix with my waders...no luck. Today I was wet...again. I do not have any mad money to put towards this crazy little sport so I will just have to tough er out until The Ho Ho is over.
It was like spring out there today...including the douche bags...
I am surprised at how well I took it though...it helps that they were useless and also that I got first water at the spot that I wanted. They actually forced me out of my comfort zone a little bit and I ended up over some new water. Very productive water that the inbred maggots had just come from.
Might have been the sounder bouy size floats they were tossing...I think they were trying to knock the fish unconscious. I found the fish eventually and the solitude...oddly enough they were together. Shitstains are entitled to fish too, and that is unfortunate.
One guy I ran into was decent enough and I think that we kind of surprised each other. He didn't try to stand on my shoulders so in return I handed him over the run and told him what and where he should fish.
I am pretty sure Borat was on the river today as well...it helps if you picture them on fire. "How many fish you catch gypsy?" Flames I say....
I tried to fish the Norland Jig with conviction after Morins recent post but it just won't happen. The Mennonite Roe is doing just fine however. There won't ....or at least shouldn't be many more days like today for us. This fall has been amazing temp wise and the rain has finally started to bless us fisherfolk.
Christmas is looming and things are getting busy with no leave in the bank...not sure if I will get out again but you never know. I will savour today. A few weird moments...I caught a sea serpent..and ran across Elmo on the way out... None of this is real.

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Today was very cold and we have come to the conclusion that we have gone soft. The water was a still a wee bit on the high side but it was my only chance this week so we rolled the dice. The fishing was a little tough at least compared to what we re used to. we made the same play as last time and started high and worked our way down. some of the water we like to fish we left because of the second deer hunt. The last thin you want is to be hiking through the bush wearing drab brown while the guys are out for their meat. About every 20 mins or so we'd hear a barrage of gun fire. Not very comforting...but at least I am not a deer.
The morning started kind of slow and continued that way allowing just sort of spurts of fishy activity. My best fish came last ...which is a cool way to end a day. My hands feel like claws right now due to the cold water and wind. I am thinking that it is time to put aside the hard core. There will be no more marathon winter hikes for me especially now that there are other options much easier on the back. On bonus spotting of wildlife today... If you spend enough time in the bush you'll eventually see everything and today I got a great picture of the Sasquatch....very cool.
Speaking of Jumping beef... I just finished dumbying a BBQed Venison Burger with montreal steak spice and monterey jalapeno cheese. Very yummy.
Anyway...very tired. That is it for this BLOG entry...The tree is up and the house looks festive. There has been no snow so far this year and I am totally OK with that. Back in to work this weekend.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Hyde 'N Seek

The Hyde is a really cool way to fish...mostly because you can bring bologna sandwiches and lots of beer.

I don't know what it is about Michigan ...but I do love it there.

I am in!

It is just the peaceful surroundings and the whole vibe that I dig. I don't have to be talked into the trips anymore...I get it... I really do...

...Even though the fish hate me.

I will take my lumps because every once in a while the fish gods throw me a bone.

This past weekend Brian and I spent three solid days on the water. We may have hit 10 fish total not counting the beautiful little browns that are ever present.

I love those little fish and I try really hard not to make them anticlimactic.

10 Steelhead is very good even though it pales when compared to the home water.

This place is different though and it is a great disservice to bring those kinds of expectations with you.

I get it....

So we hit the water on Friday morning. A very cold ..low water ...crystal clear morning...
On a river system that has humbled me more than once.

I was excited but not exactly brimming with confidence.

Today was the first day fishing out of Brians Hyde Drift Boat and it is the shit!!!

I even took a crack at rowing the thing...

That didn't last long as captain Ahab has very specific ideas about boat position and rowing technique...that coupled with a healthy dose of OCD and my general fucking uselessness ...well I thought Morin was going to have a psychotic break.

Very scary...I woke up screaming last night.

On day two I watched him fight a giant dbl stripe fish and row the boat at the same time....cocksucker should join the circus.
That fish came out of the water at least 9 times...huge jumps!!!
These are special fish indeed.

At least I didn't mess up the net job!



I broke my first fish off with a mainline snap and just about lost it.
It was a big fish and you don't get many chances on that river to screw up.

After a philosophical moment and a retie I am back in.

Float drops and I am into a giant....I just couldn't do anything with this fish.

After a short assessment we decided to lift anchor and row after this thing and am I ever glad...

There would've been no horsing this fish back upstream.
Biggest Steelhead of my life.
32 inches and at least 14 lbs..

Ultra thick and man what a fight.

I was just shaking when it was done....

The rest of the weekend was bonus with another daysaving Buck for me on day two and as usual Morin caught some real beauties.

I will never forget this trip or that crazy hog of a fish.

Glad you were there for this one Brian.


Monday, November 21, 2011

The Blues...

Yesterday I was part of a group of people that gathered to say goodbye to someone that we all cared about...
..and it was very sad.

I don't keep it together very well when it comes to death or any of those types of things and I was a mess during and after.

Peg and Don chose not have a visitation or funeral but a celebration of life was held at the Union Hall in town.
There was a huge turn out.
I was surprised ...but I shouldn't have been.
They are both good people that have touched the lives of many...especially Peg.
I don't know of anybody that could say a bad word about her. She was a consistently good person that I just sort of took for granted all the years I knew her.

Her death was just shitty...and sometimes life is just shitty...just absolutely shit.

The devotion she and Don had for one another was an inspiration for me...and still is.

I handled the whole illness and death poorly...shameful really.

They were both very good to me and the fact that I am an awkward POS is a piss poor excuse for my behavior...

I will try harder in the coming months...

I think that is when Don will need it.

So afterwards...bummed out, I returned home to the kids.

Avery and I went outside and raked leaves for bit... well I raked and she jumped in them.
That seemed to help...fresh air always does and there is something about this time of year.
She is such a sweet little thing.
She is running temperature but you'd never know it...very tough that little one.

Being with the kids helped....circle of life and all that.

Takes a lot out of you though.

Kim gets home tonight late.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fishing the Skinny

...Because what the hell else am I going to do on a day off??

Today I went for a hike through the woods ...along a great river.

Fresh air and sunshine.

Very beautiful morning out there with just a touch of frost and shelf ice crunching under the feet.

I did happen to bring the fishing rod as well.

That is about the best way to look at the trips to the river right now.
It is a very good way for me to spend a day away from work but I wouldn't say that our current river conditions are anything to rave about.

There are a few good fish kicking about.

I got my ass handed to me with the first two fish of the morning. Just a clusterfuck when you have to fish tight to the structure...
I love and hate wood...
That is where the fish are but how do you get them out??


Kim is off to Chicago this weekend for a girls getaway so I have the kids..

This isn't really anything that I have to suffer through because I am really looking forward to it.
She leaves tomorrow.

It was she that actually suggested that I go fishing today which was very cool of her...
She cleared the day for me right to dinner time even though she is working.

The babysitter will walk the kids home from school at 3 ish and stay with them until Kim gets home from work...
It is now 1:30...

In short I am not supposed to be home..LOL
However.. I got what I needed from the river and now I think I will take off and do some other shit that I have been meaning to do.

Trip to the barber shop in there as well....might even just park down by the river and read for an hour with a coffee....Hmmmmmmmmmm

Buddy at work has just turned me on to this series of books that I just can't put down ...

The first Book is called Game Of Thrones and it is awesome.
Lots of killing ,screwing, and intrigue...knights Dragons and that sort..
I am embarrassed that I like as much as I do but I told him I would try it and now I am hooked.
There is an HBO series based on these books and I can't wait to see it.

...If only I could figure out how to steal it off the NET.

I had to get the car fixed this past week...for the first time ever knock on wood.

Brake and gas lines...Oh well ..that old car doesn't owe me a dime and I am committed to driving it into the ground.
The roads I have been taking her on lately might be a bit of a stretch though...I may have to rethink things a bit...or at least watch out for some of those bigger rocks.