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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trip Number 2


Rock on little Avery!!!!!!!!

Well..there are a ton of things on the horizon but all I can think about is fishing.

The river has been over 1.0 on the water graph for some time and the Steelhead are pushing in nicely.

This is going to be a good season...(fingers crossed)...and I am not going to miss it for anything.

We just wrapped up the CIU convention in Ottawa and I couldn't wait to get home and cover the water again.

Busy times and I wasn't sure things were going to come together but as per usual we managed.

Very Nicely in fact!!

For a change of pace and a bit o' adventure we decided to try a new access point. It turned out to be a very good play for us. Tons of fish and nobody else around.

Although the hike up the ravine on the way out was a bit nasty...I'd go back again.

Today the swamp water was the first water ....

I love that run...it just does it for me.

Then we fished backwards ending at the Mitchell Run.

Most of our fish were taken at the Drive Inn ...which is cool because that cocksucker owes us.

Brian hooked a fish there that just about handed him his ass!!
..Busted out the chute as soon as it was hooked and rapped knuckles about a hundred yards downstream....
...and damn if he didn't chase it!!!
Page out of my book!!!!
I was tearing up a bit...especially when he fell 3 times in the water trying to follow!

October Chrome ...finally beached and photographed..then cut loose...

As the day progressed the water quality improved and so did the fishing.

We never did see an optimum green. I suspect the guys in there tomorrow and on the weekend will have a blast but I will take less than perfect and less people anyday....And we caught a shitload of fish.

Big hot fish that really fight like stink.

Looks like my Gypsy Mennonite roe is gold.

After failing an attempt to secure some Michigan Chinny roe I decided to take a hard look at finding another way.
I now have a secret supply of legal guilt free...and heres the kicker....Very effective roe...Booyahh!!!

I only wish now that I had purchase 10 lbs instead of the wee little 6 lbs of gooey goodness!!!
Speaking of gooey goodness.. I may take a run at the old lady tonight.


Quite a day indeed.

The family has been great...knock on wood.
Avery is really diggin the electronic drums!!!

Go Girl

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Long Absence

From the river and here...

I used to get a lot of enjoyment from my online journal and maybe it is time to try and take another run at this sort of thing.

The break has been just laziness really...that coupled with the fact that I have recognized the need to try and manage my energy better.

I have been really active with my music and that is what takes up most of my "Free" time.

However... When October rolls around it will always be time to go fishing.
Those first dreary cold rainy days seem to flick a switch in the soul and everything else becomes secondary.

The river has taken shape beautifully and after a bit of a logistics scramble Morin and I were able to get over the water we love so much.

It appeared early on that we may be a day off for optimum conditions.

The water had that muddy hue that really takes the wind out of the sails but the schedules had been cleared for the day so we thought we'd take our lumps, do some hiking and wait it out...

Good call..

Lots of big fish in the river and as the water cleared we both got our asses handed to us on a number of occasions.

I was 0 for 8 before I finally landed a smaller fish..albeit a beauty..that took the pressure off nicely.
Looking my pics I can see clearly that my new polarized sunglasses make me look like more of a douchebag then I really am...?
I will have to remember to remove those things for the grip and grin hero shots.

turned out to be a great day...probably top ten for me....big medicine during a spell where I really needed it.

My new camera turned out to be a lot of fun as well. The pics are a little dry but the underwater stuff is going to be a hoot...and besides... I will leave all the artsy stuff to Useless

The upper water is really unbelievable...a supreme gift...like going to church for me...but the walk in and out is my penance.

...a penance that I will continue to gladly pay as long as I am able.

My legs are killing me.