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Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Washing Lures..."

The radio chatter that has to be endured when downriggin' makes me wish that I was dead.
I can't really say that the local fishing personages are 'bad' people... but man they wear me out at times.
If it were my boat I would just shut the radio off.
"Got you ears on?...Just Boxed an 8lber on "monkey puke"..down 25 ...back 60 ..in 43 ft of water ...heading into the sun..."
Here is a report.There are salmon in the river and they are getting them on lures....good luck and for gods sake SHUT UP!!!!!!
Gerry and I managed to get out for a few hours yesterday morning with my nephew Eric.
Eric is 12(?) .. :O) and he is just nicely getting to the age where he can fight a fish from the moment the rod pops until it gets to the net. Pretty cool.
The only thing that I have to do is take the rod out of the rod holder for him and be ready with my 'cat like' reflex's and make sure that tired young hands don't allow any of my expensive custom made rods to go swimming.
He is a nice young kid with a good heart. He is always very nice to my son and it was good fun to see him get into some fish.

We picked up 4 fish in total and blew another one. Two of them were grease and the other two were Kings ( unless you've taken too many sharp blows to the head...in which case they were 1 Atlantic Salmon and a "1 Rainbow Trout"....long story)
Not bad.
Cruising around the river early in the morning was very pleasant. There was a slight chill in the air but I was dressed for it.
A lot of people living here actively hate Sarnia and that is a shame.
It is a very unique place to live in that it is contrasted strongly between some very truly beautiful things and some really heinous filth (both topographic and cultural)...This aspect can really make me tired but also appeals to my sense of the absurd.
I really like it here.
At one point while trolling we could look out over the lake and watch a beautiful sunrise and then turn over our shoulders and watch the factories "belch filth into the sky" by way of the Petro-Chemical environmental terrorists.

I am making lemonade to the best of my ability...and fishing is a big part of that.

My Son turns 6 this week and it was a mad house here yesterday. Nobody was killed and the house is still standing so I suppose it was a success!!

Man I love that kid.
In for Midnights tonight.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Salvelinus namaycush...
Poor bastards.
Around here most people don't even consider them fish.
It is not uncommon when discussing creels for fisherman to say something like.."oh things were pretty slow today,...we got 2 fish and 4 greasers(lake trout)".
We miss the Salmon at this end of the lake. We get a very brief opportunity to fish fish for them with any real hope early in the season and then it becomes time to either rig up the Walleye harnesses or trailer the boat to some real water.
Gerry and I finally got out today.
He is feeling better....at least well enought to fish so, we thought we'd give it a go today.
It was a fun day. Very good to be fishing together again.
The weather was a bit scuzzy but we toughed it out in the hopes for some King action but we didn't get any fish.

We did however go 5 for 7 with the grease.
We tried to avoid them but the stupid fish were even hitting the dipseys.
Oh well it is fun catching fish and even though most the local trollers would rather snag a sheephead than catch lakers all day I didn't mind them at all.
On most bodies of water guys would be happy to go out fishing with the expectation of catching their limit of Mak's.
Like anything...people can get spoiled and if nothing else the 'greasers' provide a reason for two friends to go fishing.

Back to work tomorrow.......ugh.
I keep checking my lottery tickets.
(I hope the fact that I am a shameless killer of grease doesn't offend anybody):o)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bill Evans..(post silly it seems..)

What can I say?... I am on vacation...

Bill Evans.

I just finished a little solo performance over a coffee of one of my favourite tunes.
The title of the song is 'My Foolish Heart'.
I love this song....the melody haunts me.
I have no idea of the origin of this little piece of music and I don't care to.
I am not even 100% sure of the lyrics.
Anyway...I came downstairs and logged into YOUTUBE and did a search for the title and the first thing that came up was an early Bill Evans version.
This song was a favourite of his as well and this is a relatively subdued interpretation but it really tugs at my heartstrings.

I don't expect most of the people that visit this BLOG to even like this performance or this musician but Bill Evans was a Genius in the true sense of the word....and this word has been misused to the point where it has become meaningless.
All you really need to know about Bill Evans is that he was a shining light...as close to god as anyone has come.
A gift to anyone who can appreciate freedom and strength.
People like this are special and so is the music that they play. To me it represents the pinnacle of humanity and the fact that it still exists at a time when the world has become so lost in the dogged pursuit of everything meretricious brings with it even more value.One of the few diamonds that emerged during these cultural dark ages.
Bill Evans is one of the very few people that have existed that make me proud to be human.
Even if you don't dig Bill Evans....I know this music isn't for everybody....please take a moment and consider that you might be missing something....and then if you still think you need to criticize then by all means quickly find a woodchipper and jump into it.
....and take Randy,Paula and Simon with you.
I love that you can find these cool little performances on YOUTUBE.
...thats why I have it in my favourites,...right next to the porn.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

That'll be it for me too...

I made another quick trip to the river today. My hopes weren't very high considering the fact that we have received very little rain. Certainly not enough to have any effect on the Steelhead fishing. I suspect most of the fish have dropped back to the lake anyway...and good for them.
The Bass have come up in droves....and so have the flies.
Bugs make me insane!

That will just about do it for me.
For the record I was o for 1 today but still managed to enjoy myself.
I noticed that I am starting to slow down a bit when it comes to fishing.... I just kind of relax and take what the day gives me anymore.
Today it was solitude ,fresh air and a pleasant little stop on the way home.....and that is not bad at all.

That river owes me nothing.
....and I will see her in the fall.
The Derby was over before it began this year as the Captain of our vessel is a little under the weather. This suits me fine. The chance to fish with my father in law is the only reason that I participate in this little piscine event anyway...so be it. Get well and we'll hit it next year big guy....no worries.
Besides ...all that radio chatter gives me a migraine.
I have added UFO JOE at the bottom of the page.
Owen and I love this game!