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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Bluewater Anglers Salmon Derby 2011

Well it has been a very long time since my last post here.

Not sure why really.

There have been many things going on fish wise and other but I seem to have lost interest in documenting any of it specifically.

I will probably regret not doing so.

Today forced my hand.

At right around 11:00 we pulled lines for the last time during the 2011 Salmon Derby.
Gerry and I fished it hard and got right around 30 fish.
We didn't get skunked once during the 10 day event and I think that that is a first for us.
There were some big fish weighed in this year and you needed a 16 lb fish just to make the top ten.
A 19 lb fish will probably win it.
The final tally is not in yet but we are waiting impatiently here because Owen has managed to take the lead today ...on the last day with a 13 lber in the kids category!!!
It was a really great moment for Gerry Owen and I and regardless of whether or not he wins the bike I will never forget the day we all had together. 3 generations of fish nerds.....
Here is his fish.

Post edit...

Well it is Official...Owen wins the new Bike.
Thrilled we are all....
..as his fishy smokes away in the back yard.
I am very proud of him...his fish was also big fish of the day...but whos counting.