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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Taking what the river gives you....

...can sometimes really blow!!
I fished a new river yesterday and I loved it.....all except the fact that I got blanked.
Remember when it used to rain?
I am going to kill the next person that comments on "What beautiful weather we've had this fall"
Oh well....It was good to see my old fishing buddy again....even if he is now a full fledged granola eating homo.
Friggin' seed eating dipshit. Cloggin the arteries on a road trip is half the fun!!!??
Could it be that god is trying to tell me something by sending skin and bones a fish and leaving me a donut???
Sure was a pretty river though......minus the shitrats.
Man I am grouchy.

Oh well...with any luck I will be able to post a fish picture or two more before the end of the world.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And we're off..

The Sauble River is a nasty old bitch that can really shake my confidence but it always has flow and considering the drought like conditions we're faced with here in Ontario I thought I would giv'er a go today.
This is the river that I cut my teeth on as a Steelheader so whenever I return to it I always feel nostalgic.

One of the greatest fish I have ever hooked into was landed there. Oct 13/2001.
30.5 " chrome bright hen that probably went around 11 lbs. I had no business landing that fish...and maybe because of that the river has always been stingy to me with only rare exceptions.
Today the water was low and disgusting and choked with weed growth. It was more like Sauble Swamp. I still managed to hook a decent fish but lost all hope of landing it very early when the rotter took me deep into the wood. Anybody who has fished there I am sure knows the spot I am talking about.
It was nice to get back there if for no other reason than the memories.

After about an hour I bolted for one of southwestern Ontarios most famous rivers.

This is also a river that I have hardly fished. I generally stear clear of the fabled waters for whatever reason but I really enjoyed myself today. There is a ton of water here and even though you still get the assholes who want to stand on your shoulders after you have landed a fish there always seems to be plenty of elbow room.

All in all a very good day. It even felt good to be alone for a change.

I stopped by my backyard river on the way home and it looks nothing less than catastrophic. It is hard to believe that it will even be able to support a fishery this year but it always surprises me how quickly things can shape up for the positive.

Anyhoo...it sure felt good to blow the dust off.

I have included the some of my own homo "fall colours" photos that seem to be obligatory this time of year in blog land.

I will be on a river next Wednesday.

Praying for rain.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gearing Up

This weather has been making me insane.

Last night I spent the better part of two hours cleaning out my eavestrough. This job hugs nut at the best of time but last nights misery was compounded by hordes of mosquitos and temperatures rivaling mid-summer.

I am sure this is the end of the world. ITS OCTOBER FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!!!!

Having given up hope for any early fishing I having been making hay while the sun shines financially....whoring myself out to the Man at almost every opportunity. This is good for the bank account but very bad for my soul. I have been a miserable Cur lately and I don't know how my family has put up with me...not to mention the travelling public.

I had a day off finally and used the time to prepare some of my fishing gear. It felt a little strange to be preparing for the fall fishing while cowering from 30 degree temps in my basement like some kind of animal but it at least took my mind off of it.
I had decided to order some new breathables and boots.Being rather flush lately I almost pulled the trigger on some of those homo big name waders that are spun from gold but found reason at the last instant.Waders are like erections...they are cool to have but they don't last.
I break things....it is what I do.
I no doubt will have to re-order waders next year, regardless of what brand I purchase ,so my best bet is to run as cheap as I can and put the rest of my fish money in the gas tank.
There has been quite a bit of talk in the camp lately about fishing in MI and I have decided that I am all for it. It will be fun to branch out a bit and with the dollar being as strong as it is things couldn't be more affordable on that front.

If only these ass-holes at the border would get the traffic moving.

I still have to make a run to London or somewhere for some floats and hooks but other than that I am pretty much ready to roll.

I figure that we'll have to wait until about mid December for frost any way.

Tick tock....