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Friday, September 14, 2007

Feeding the 'play-doh' fish...

I took Ella down to the local hatchery today. She gets a kick out of feeding the pellet heads in the pond.

The pellet machines are a great source of income for the local club. All the quarters generate thousands of dollars if you can believe it.

The guys that run the club are very good people...and whether or not their efforts are misguided or not everybody likes fish in the water.

If nothing else it gives me something fun I can do with my kids on a crumby afternoon.....and there are some lunkers in there swimmin'.
Back to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blowing the dust off....

It has been while since I have visited this little corner. I have been very busy this summer with all kinds of crap. Everything from home repairs to bebop. Typically fishing slows down for me in the summer months but I can't recall ever going through a fishless break this long. Scary thing is I didn't seem to miss it. My interests have become streamlined and it seems that I have only one speed. The family just got back from an annual trip to Collingwood. This trip is a great way to cap off the summer and I always look forward to it. My father in law and I usually hit the rivers up that way and I try like hell to get him into some Salmon but this year it wasn't meant to be. The rivers were shit and I ended up forgeting half my gear at home. I guess my heart wasn't really in it. I have heard certain people gripe about what a horror show Collingwood has become and I am the first person to bristle when the Disneyland disease takes hold of something good but I wouldn't be honest if I said that I didn't like it up there. Even the Blue Mountain Village is charming. Maybe if I had been there from the beginning I would be disgusted ....but I wasn't ..and this trip really brings my family together. My kids were outstanding with thier behaviour. I am so lucky to have children that are healthy and well adjusted.

I don't think that I would have the energy to deal with it otherwise. I discovered a new Beer on this trip. Certainly one of the best I have tasted....and I have tasted many!! ;o) This summer I spent most of my time playing guitar. I don't seem to be getting any better but I have never enjoyed it as much. I will try to keep it up over the winter months but I fully expect the Steelhead sickness to take over. ....In fact I am looking forward to it. Everything goes on the backburner and it is Daddy time.....BRING IT.<><
I see that some of my BLOG freak friends have been out already and it warms my river starved heart just to read about it.
Safety First Gents
Morin has informed me that he has been dieting and trying to lose weight over the summer. I have this strange image of salads covered with Ketchup and Salt in my head..... Freak.