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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weatherman must die....

Honest to Christ...
Why do they even bother trying to predict precipitation???
We are supposed to get a good rainfall this weekend but every time I check the weather network the projected mm's fall a few numbers......
:o/I am counting on a good downpour for next week.

I am just starting to shake this chest cold that has kept me at bay and I am looking forward to cranking it up a notch.
There have been a few fish that have managed to find their way into the systems but generally the consensus has been that the big push is yet to come...and I am getting antsy.
I don't mind October fishing even if it does mean less fish and more shitrats..and there has been quite a few of the latter so far this year.

I am a fish snob and I have no problem with that. I love the area that I fish as much as I love my own family. This activity is as special as the quarry we seek and the connection I have with it is essential to me. It has become precious and when I see people shit on it.....
There is one dirt bag who kills fish on every trip and both Morin and I have come to suspect that he is poaching even beyond his creative interpretation of the catch and possession limit. I shudder to think of the number of wild fish that have found their way into the saddle bags of this sportsmans ATV both before and after the season closure.
Ah well...the Sausage Man is getting a little long in the tooth for this game and I am sure that in the not too distant future we will experiance a season where the hike in isn't ruined by the approaching rumble of deathmobile ATV....poach-wagon.
I work for the government so I know only too well about the absence of needed funding.There isn'tenough money to provide quality enforcement for more important things that are crucial to public safety. The Steelhead are way down the ladder and they will have to fend for themselves I suppose. The MNR is smoke and mirrors.....but it is not their fault. I believe they are doing the best they can with what little they have.
I do know that I fish as much as just about anybody that I have ever run across and I have been 'carded' once.
..Have at 'er Sausage Man and the rest of your meathunting shitrat brigade ......and bring on the nasty weather.
Maybe it would be better if the rain held off for a while....
Bite my tongue..
With any luck we'll be able to educate a few fish before they end up in the smoke house.
Oh Yeah..I have added some background music to this BLOG....It is me playing guitar complete with all the rough spots and mistakes....Internet is pretty cool...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being a Guide..

However,.. I kinda owed my father in law a trip to the river.
He was a big help with my basement project and he is an all around great guy. Morin and I put him over some fish last year and he has raved about it since so there was no mystery about what would be the best way to repay his kindness.
I am not a fish hog and I really enjoy watching other people catch fish but when the river is clear and low getting these fish to play can be a real trick and Gerry...bless his heart ...is a useless Steelheader.
I spent most of the day parading through all of the greatest holding water I know of only to watch him shit the bed with each fumbling drift.
Again....he is a prince among men and he has the patience of JOB ,...but after a while the good old "Oh well....it is nice to just get out and get some fresh air and exercise" begins to ring false ..to say the least !!
It was a beautiful day..and I do enjoy his company but after a few hours of futility I was ready to take a bullet. I don't dig wasting a day on the water...especially this water and if we couldn't get the guy a Steelie , to me that is what all of this would amount to.
Ocassionally good things do happen to good people and just about when I had given up all hope Gerrys float dipped....and popped right back up again.
.....He missed it
Chin to Chest..
Oh well... "Just send it right back through there ...gently"
(fingers crossed, silent prayer)
Fish on...and it is a good one!!
Well it appeared that he tried to do everything wrong ...lol....but sometimes that hook is just going to stay no matter what.
It was a beautiful October fish so bright that it was hard to look at.

I whispered thanks in her ear just before she showered me and disappeared into that beautiful water.
Thank God.
I am not a poet...but that was poetic, and even though the day was a great test of my patience I know for certain that when the clock starts to wind down and my fishing interests become boring stories this day will be as vivid in my memory as any.

He talked about it all the way home.
I should also add that it is not lost on me that Gerry has outfished Brian so far this year....
tee hee

Monday, October 06, 2008


All is right with the world....I am fishing again!!

Not exactly a stellar day but not too shabby considering.
The water was just a titch on the high side but I managed to sting a few anyway.

Normally I prefer a cold and gloomy rain-soaked Steelhead outing but even I could appreciate the beauty of todays weather.

I bumped into a couple of Brians old buddies.

I pulled into the parking spot at around 6 am only to find that some old creep had beaten me to the river.
Hats off to my new buddy George ...at 70 yrs young the old prick goes even harder than me!!!

I hope he got a fish but he and his comrade weren't making out too well when we parted ways.

God I was happy out there ....

This has been a long summer and the fact that there are a few fish in the river already is a very good sign for this fall.

Fresh air and Chrome ...
I will never get over how beautiful these fish are. That last moment when you are cradling them in your hands submerged in the water is really something. The sun just made them glow.
What a treat today was for me.


Saturday, October 04, 2008




...never again.
I am not a big fan of work of any kind.
Around late July of this year a friend of mine talked me into renovating my basement. It was an eyesore and with my parental leave I certainly had the time.He assured me that with his know-how and my limited means we could create the ultimate basement sanctuary.
"A weekend dude...we could bang this off in a weekend...three days tops."
Fast forward to 10 weeks later...lol
It is good for me to have friends like this because without Garnets enthusiasm I never would've made an attempt and as corny as it sounds,.....even with the wee course areas , I can now look around and say "I" did this!!! ( With help of course)It is a satisfying feeling and I can understand a little bit how the DIY thing can become addictive. I am almost going through project withdrawal.........almost!!
The river is up and the nights are getting cooler. I have removed some eggs from the freezer and tomorrow will be my first run at'em ( barring any unforseen marital VETO). I usually have been to the river by now somewhere and I feel a little strange not having wetted a line yet. I console myself with the knowledge that it is still a bit early.
I restrung the guitars today and hopefully my drywall hands will return to normal and I will be able to play again soon. I praticed a little bit today but I felt like a lobster. The acoustics in my music area are way better than I could have ever hoped for.
I don't know a thing about designing a room for good sound so I must've gotten lucky.
Now I can play my guitar without waking the baby.....which is huge. She is my worst critic.Anyway....that is where I have been......And now I am back .....

With any luck I may lift up on one tomorrow.Good luck to all you Steelhead freaks this fall....I have a good feeling about this year and I am pretty sure I can get the time off work.