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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shutting down 2011

The last trip of the year should always be special.
..At least appreciated for what it is.
I almost didn't go this morning. The holidays have taken the usual toll and I am tired. A day home with the family and the guitar would've been nice.
My previous trip to the river was exceptional and the last fish from that trip was outstanding.
...I could've ended nicely on that note. ...But I didn't.
I kind of forced myself today. It was certain to be my last opportunity of the year and I knew it would've become a regret if I'd stayed home.
There break between Fall Fishing is a long one. I fished today for those days in early August..LOL. So up I go...
The plan was to hike in at the hydro wires and fish the 'Cedars' and the 'Swamp' at dawn.
I got to the access point at around 7ish...and so did everyone else .... WTF UGH...tons of people...tons...
So... I regroup and head up to the 'Dump'... SAME FUCK!
I just about drove home...droves of people So I double back to Chapmans and decide to start at the 'Newrun' and fish backwards...as in downstream to the 'Peach bag run' I didn't expect much...
I was wrong!!!!! I hadn't been over these little sections for quite some time and it was a treat for me not without a certain nostalgic value.
There is one section we used to call '"My" Clay Bank' and it really fished well....Too well.... I got schooled there more than once today. Big fish that were in October mode. Fun but really did a number on my healing shoulder injury. Oh well...the day was salvaged, I was alone and it was beautiful. On the way out I stopped to look around and realized what a cool place I was in. The freezing rain sounded like frying bacon on the leaves... Time to shut er down.


lambton said...

Well done!! Congrats and good on you for forcing this one. My failed cottage email attempt echoed your sentiments..."go our you will regret it"
Finished as you should have IMHO...old water that we have neglected this year. Good on you. That water up top...well they can have it! Let the bank maggotts reside at the dump. ;0)
You know it aint fishing unless you catch 30, 40, and or 100.

Trotsky said...

So many great spots on that river... I get stuck in a rut sometimes...lost some big fish today. I couldn't believe how many fish were holding at that one section...just crazy...my arms were sore...LOL
Now back to work....ahhhhhhh!!!

lambton said...

That new camera is cool for the underwater shots but that blurry shit is giving me fits...

lambton said...

Clean that lense bitch!

Trotsky said...

Yeah...this camera sucks snap.
May have to had that thing down to sonny boy and upgrade in the near future..
I think the moisture is inside the lense....not good

T. Brook Smith said...

Happy New Year, and awesome day, Gene.

I'm going fishing now.

Foto Lokasi said...

why the fish head is red? is that a blood fish?