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Thursday, December 08, 2011


Today was very cold and we have come to the conclusion that we have gone soft. The water was a still a wee bit on the high side but it was my only chance this week so we rolled the dice. The fishing was a little tough at least compared to what we re used to. we made the same play as last time and started high and worked our way down. some of the water we like to fish we left because of the second deer hunt. The last thin you want is to be hiking through the bush wearing drab brown while the guys are out for their meat. About every 20 mins or so we'd hear a barrage of gun fire. Not very comforting...but at least I am not a deer.
The morning started kind of slow and continued that way allowing just sort of spurts of fishy activity. My best fish came last ...which is a cool way to end a day. My hands feel like claws right now due to the cold water and wind. I am thinking that it is time to put aside the hard core. There will be no more marathon winter hikes for me especially now that there are other options much easier on the back. On bonus spotting of wildlife today... If you spend enough time in the bush you'll eventually see everything and today I got a great picture of the Sasquatch....very cool.
Speaking of Jumping beef... I just finished dumbying a BBQed Venison Burger with montreal steak spice and monterey jalapeno cheese. Very yummy.
Anyway...very tired. That is it for this BLOG entry...The tree is up and the house looks festive. There has been no snow so far this year and I am totally OK with that. Back in to work this weekend.


lambton said...

Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husbands...cause they're rapin everybody down here.

Great day. Funny how our blogs speak the same message. We are old, useless, and growing soft. LOL! Oh well the Hyde has padded seats, prepared meats, cold beer, and now a propane hand warming station. LOL! Bring it!!!

Harv said...

Good stuff Gene!! Glad you made it out - November was a bit of disappointment so it is nice that December has started off well!!

I too am getting old and soft - I beat the shit outta myself in there yesterday........